Shilajit is a natural herbal supplement in sticky form found between the layers of steep rocks in upper Himalayan Mountain ranges. Shilajit is a rich source of Macro-minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, chloride, potassium, and sulfur), trace minerals (iron, copper, manganese, iodine, zinc, and selenium), Fulvic Acid, and Vitamins (A, B Complex, C). Shilajit basically is a 100% natural super food. It is not a medicine but it is used in many herbal and Ayurveda medicines due to its great benefits. Himalayan Shilajit is a generic name for our registered Himalayan Healing Shilajit brand that exports Shilajit to a very large community of customers all over the world.


Shilajit is a mineral-rich edible formed as a result of slow decomposition of plants and herbs found in certain mountains including Himalayan ranges in Pakistan. Plants and herbs undergo natural decomposition process for decades to form raw Shilajit. Raw Shilajit is a mixture of minerals and impurities that automatically stick with Shilajit during the course of decomposition of plants and herbs. Raw Shilajit is found inside cracks of the rocks where plants and herbs could grow. It oozes from the rocks in summer due to temperature change.  Raw Shilajit then undergoes filtration process to remove the natural impurities from it. The process takes weeks as the filtered Shilajit requires time to dry up the water used during the filtration process. Some suppliers use fire to dry the water, others dry Shilajit in sun. The Shilajit dried in sun is more potent than Shilajit cooked on the fire. The final form of Shilajit is a sticky substance that melts at high temperature and becomes rock-like solid upon freezing. Pure Shilajit has strong earthy odor.

raw shilajit



Basically there are four types of Shilajit found in different geographical locations but most important is its quality and purification technique. High Quality Shilajit is not easily available in the local markets. Raw Shilajit has to be sourced from very high altitudes rocks with the help of professional climbers. Purification of raw Shilajit also requires knowledge, expertise, and proper equipment. Even a gold quality Shilajit becomes useless if not purified using the standard Shilajit purification methods. There are two outcomes of purification mishandling of Shilajit. Either the purified Shilajit contains impurities that are harmful for the body or the inexperience workers drains off the healthy minerals along with the impurities.

Gold Grade Shilajit: A highest grade of Himalayan Shilajit that has red wine like shades when dissolved in water. It is found in the highest altitudes in deep steep rocks. Professional climber staff is required to extract with proper equipment.

Iron Grade Shilajit: It is black in colour with high amount of iron. It is normally found in lowest altitudes of different mountains

Copper Grade Shilajit: It is a type of Shilajit which is blue in colour. It is also rare to find but it is not as good as gold or silver.

Silver Grade Shilajit: Silver grade Shilajit is white in colour. It is very rare Shilajit.

Shilajit in raw form is contaminated with mycotoxins, heavy metals, and free radicals. Our Himalayan Shilajit is gold quality, sourced from the unpolluted mountains of Shimshal Valley in Gilgit Baltistan above 16,000 feet from sea level. The next most important thing is the purification technique of gold grade Shilajit. This is where you need serious expertise. We use tested herbal decoction water of glaciers with pH level 6-8.5 to purify highest grade raw Shilajit. Once it’s purified, it is dried under sun. It takes few weeks to prepare one batch. It is tested for mycotoxins and heavy metals from third party labs in USA and in origin country. All past lab reports prove the purity of our Himalayan Shilajit. It is free from all kinds of heavy metals and microbiological toxins. It is safe and very healthy to use regularly for over all wellbeing of your body.

Shilajit extraction Mountains


There are a number of benefits associated with Himalayan Shilajit. Here are some prominent benefits of Shilajit that every man and women must know.


Shilajit is best known for its anti-aging properties.  The free radicles in our body are the main cause of the destruction of body cells and aging. Fulvic acid is an organic acid found in Shilajit that has the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Both properties help in controlling cellular damage and slow down the aging factors. The ratio of Fulvic acid matters a lot in this case. Not all Shilajit brands have a good ratio of Fulvic acid. Only the highest grade Shilajit can produce such effects in the body. Himalayan Shilajit has more than 50% Fulvic acid ratio that makes our product more useful in controlling aging factors.

Shilajit anti-aging properties



Iron deficiency in our body leaves many side-effects on our health.  Headache, cold, fatigue, and weakness are few outcomes of iron deficiency in our body. Himalayan Shilajit contains humic acid and iron that can be very helpful for those suffering from iron deficiency.


Memory perception, problem solving techniques, and learning comes under cognitive domain. Cognitive disorders badly affect these brain functions. Shilajit has the ability to control cognitive disorders.


Clinically study reveals that Shilajit has the ability to increase the fertility level in men. Experiments were performed by Shilajit dosage to volunteers for a certain period of time. The fertility level before and after the Shilajit dosage period was calculated. The result showed a certain increase in the fertility level of men.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a condition of tiredness and feeling lazy. Mitochondrial dysfunction is normally associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. Experimental studies show that Shilajit can control the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome.


Testosterone is a male health hormone that affects our body in a number of ways. The poor testosterone level results in hair loss, fatigue, weight gain, and body muscle weakness. Clinical studies were performed to test the effect of Shilajit on testosterone level of men. The results show a significant increase in the testosterone level of men who volunteered for the clinical studies.

SHILAJIT regulates Testosterone level



High altitude sickness, sometimes called acute mountain sickness, is caused when people travel to high altitude regions and face a low level of oxygen. This can result in different health issues like body pain, insomnia, and dementia. The mineral-rich Shilajit can be very beneficial for those who suffer high altitude sickness. The fulvic acid in Shilajit can supply all the important nutrients to the body that can control the effects of high altitude sickness.


Our body requires a lot of nutrients to nourish. Many people eat food that does not contain all the nutrients essential for a healthy body. Himalayan Shilajit contains more than 85 minerals that can meet the body nutrients requirements.


Shilajit has the ability to relieve the body pains especially mouth jaws and joints. Shilajit has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine (as a pain reliever). In winter season the flow of the blood to the body joints get affected by low temperature. The low circulation of blood causes pains to the areas where the blood does not reach properly. Shilajit has the natural tendency to improve the blood circulation level. The use of Shilajit in the winter level makes it very beneficial for the blood circulation and joints pain issues.

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Stress and Anxiety is everywhere. People feel on edge, worried, anxious, and stressed in life. Himalayan Shilajit has the natural tendency to fight stress and anxiety.  The regular use of Shilajit may help in releasing the effects that cause stress and anxiety.


Athletes use different synthetic supplements to boost body energy and power. Synthetic supplements have a number of side effects on the body. Shilajit can be a natural replacement of all those supplements with no side effect. Shilajit has more than 85 minerals that can meet the supplemental requirements of the athletes.

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Shilajit may help in lowering the blood glucose and lipid profiles of people suffering from normal diabetes. Different diabetes supplements, such as D-400 (GlucoCare), include Shilajit as one of the key ingredients. Diabetic patients must consult their doctors to discuss the use of Shilajit along with their medical treatment.


The 85+ minerals, Fulvic acid, prebiotics, and probiotics found in Shilajit improve the digestive system of the body. The regular use of Shilajit may help in nourishing the digestive tract and increase the good bacteria in the body that help in food digestion.



Chelation is one of the major characteristics of Fulvic acid that helps in breaking down the metals and toxins found in the body.  That is why Shilajit can be a very good source of detoxification for many working in an environment where toxins enter their body through air, food, or liquid.


Shilajit has the natural ingredients that can help in revitalizing the skin. The anti-oxidant rich Shilajit can control the cells damage and provide the body enough nutrients to keep healthy and beautiful skin. Fulvic and humic acid found in Shilajit has great absorption properties. The regular use of Shilajit can help in absorbing important nutrients from food and supply them to the skin cells. The proper food intake by skin cells helps in maintaining skin health. Apart from consuming, Shilajit can also be used as a mask to nourish the skin.

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Here we present few of our Amazon customers’ reviews to build your confidence in our great product. Amazon is probably the toughest market in the world. The average sellers can’t survive on Amazon as there is a very strict Amazon policy of maintaining seller account health. Reviews from verified Amazon customers decide the account health for any seller. Few bad reviews mean you are out of the Amazon.  But if you have great product quality, the customers like your product and leave positive feedback about your product. We are one of the best-rated sellers on Amazon with a ton of great feedback from our customer.

amazon customer

I found this product being a skeptic since there is a lot of fuss about fake or impure shilajit and for this reason, other suppliers were marketing their originality very well but also charging a very high price. They are buying the raw product at very cheap price from Pakistan and processing in the US and selling on huge profits. This supplier is directly operating from Pakistan and viewing the reviews for this product and having coordination with the supplier, i was convinced to make an order.

Finally, the product arrived and I did all the tests which I could find on youtube and this product passed all the tests perfectly. After using just for 3 days I can feel the big difference in energy level and whole lot of other small benefits. After sales service is simply amazing and never seen before. He send me youtube video of the original lab test and answered every question with ease on whatsapp. Don’t fall for other suppliers’ expensive shilajit because this product can’t be more genuine and top graded than it is. Read the review on Amazon.

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I have been consuming Shilajit from different sources such as pureshilajit, lotus blooming herbs(authenticshilajith.com), pur black, etc. With a lot of skepticism I ordered shilajith from xahir who is the seller of this product, waited for almost 12 days and got the product. I tasted it and was very happy with the quality, it tasted bitter and it was so pure that within couple of days I started consuming it gave me unlimited surge of energy and mental clarity keeping my letharginess at bay. I am certain of the authenticity of this product as I did all the known tests to find its purity and everything passed. It’s almost been a month for now and I can say it’s doing miracles within my body, be it detoxing, be it strengthening the central nervous system, be it improving the blood flow to all parts of body, be it giving mental clarity and stability. Read the full review on Amazon.

Snow Bunny
amazon customer

I immediately feel the difference in my energy level after taking a dose of this Shilajit and am very grateful to have found it. Read the full review on Amazon.

Amazon Customer
amazon customer

Most Potent Shilajit Ever

This one the most potent i ever tried! Boosted my libido and energy! feeling more calm and focused than ever! increased my sex drive! I am convert to this brand. Read the full review on Amazon.

Suranjan Banerjee
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I’ve used this product for few months with amazing results. My sleep quality increased many fold. With moderate workouts I lost about 10 pounds in 3 months. My Body fat % went down to 19% from 33%, so all the weight I lost was body fat. Highly recommended for anyone working towards making some healthy lifestyle changes. Read the review on Amazon.

Joan B.
amazon customer

This is one of the very best natural supplement I’ve ever used. Simply amazing how fast it works and mixing the tar in water and drinking it every morning with my vitamins induces massive energy and a feeling of well being. I will use this the rest of my life if I can. I have never taken anything like this. Amazing stuff!!!! Read the review on Amazon.

amazon customer

I love that the package comes covered in stamps from Pakistan. Also love: the results – clean energy, clear focus, no crash. One week after receiving this shilajit, I realized that I hadn’t craved or consumed a single energy drink or cup of coffee, something I normally do multiple times a day. Highest recommendations! Read the review on Amazon.

amazon customer

Zahir could not have been more amazing! I have purchased “100% shilajit/salajeet” from multiple vendors over several years. I realize that the shipping may be a little delayed & cause frustration. I can assure you, this product is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! I am not getting any free samples or compensated to say nice things. I genuinely like this product by this manufacturer – Zahir – far more than any other brands I have bought. If you aren’t seeing updates on tracking or acknowledgement of entry into the US, this will get there, and Zahir ships it securely and well-protected. Read the full review on Amazon.

amazon customer

Hands down A+ product, worth every penny !!! Nearing the end of my container I order a few quick fixes (powdered shilajit & 2 different crystals) from different brands & honestly…. Just buy a few of these at a time & save yourself the trouble.. Read the review on Amazon.

amazon customer

From my personal experience this is very good shilajit. I feel much better since I started taking it about two months ago. My energy levels are way up and I can do my exercise without any problems, which is a big plus for me. I take it with a table spoonful of extra virgin olive oil and a teaspoon of organic raw honey, this way I don’t have to deal with the unpleasant taste and some how I see better results. I mix a small amount of shilajit (about a pea size) with about four tablespoon warm water, honey and olive oil and drink it before breakfast. Read the review on Amazon.

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After using this product for several weeks, I can honestly say it works. Better than a Red Bull and all natural… Worth a try, in my opinion. Read the review on Amazon.

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I am lucky made the right choice for the first time of purchasing shilajit. I did a lot of research before choosing this product, and I’m 100% sure that this is the best Shilajit you can buy from the current marketplace. I feel like I’ve had more energy during the day especially during the times I am usually about ready to fall asleep at my rest break. I started taking this when I had a serious wound infection, so I really don’t know that it started to make a difference right away, but its been more than a week now and I feel like it gives me a boost. I really want to keep taking it for longer so I can tell the long term affect it has on my health. The seller is very helpful and patient to answer all my questions during taking the shilajit, with the information I received and checked from internet I would like to give a 100% recommendation of this product if you are looking for a genuine and effective shilajit. Read the review on Amazon.

usman k.
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i have been using this brand “Himalayan Healing Shijalit” for over 3 months now and i am deeply satisfied with the amount of energy i feel inside me compared to the past. i took time to write a review on this because it is difficult to judge a supplement so fast. One needs to give it time, let the body adjust to the new changes and finally give an opinion after some time. In the beginning one week i felt better every next day and it stayed great. i am a lot less lethargic and more active at home and able to spend more time with the family. i feel more fresh in my head and genuinely feel more relaxed and calm and am more willing to give a helping hand at home. what else could i have asked for. All i can say is “thank you” to the team what brings us the most pure and healthy Shijalit directly from all across the world!!!! Read review on Amazon.

Larry B.
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This was my second order and I absolutely love this Shilajit! I’ve tried the Lotus Blooming Herbs and PurBlack and they were both good, but this just feels more potent and therefore seems to last longer. The day I received my first order I remember opening the jar to have a whiff, and was stunned by potency and rich earthy organic smell. The other brands I’ve tried were no comparison. My son was there and thought I was losing it just breathing in the aroma for probably way too long. I gave it to him to sniff and even he was impressed. He has Crohn’s disease and fulvic and humid acid are very helpful. After making a small cup of tea for him, he said later it really gave him energy and made him feel good. Read full review on Amazon.

Amazon Customer
amazon customer

I recently placed my 2nd order for the Shilajit. Here is a review I want people to read:
Growing up in Pakistan we have heard many rumors about the benefits about this gift of nature. The rumors ranged from Immune booster, mental rejuvenation, organic viagra etc. but never tried it till I started working in the US. I felt lazy, tired, drained of energy, stressed, confused, unhappy and many more negativities that were making me unhealthy overall. Using this has obviously changed that, hence I’m taking out time to write this review but I wanted to know more. I decided to send a query to the person behind the scenes. I was able to contact the person running the show. After speaking to him on whatsApp, I was astonished to know the process behind this amazing natural enhancer. Read full review on Amazon.

Tenzin Nyima
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I am very grateful to the seller for sending my package of Shilajit from all the way from Pakistan. All we know is bad things about Pakistan, so lets for a change appreciate that they have the highest and the purest mountains in the world where the top Shilajiit is found. So lets ignore the negativity, if you see any crazy man blaming for all his weakness and bad feeling and going extents must be a pessimist. Based on the positive gush of energy I personally felt, I decided to leave a few lines of my personal honest experience. Read full review on Amazon.

Giovanie V.
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Even if you think you have the best shilajit and your satisfied with the shilajit you have I highly recommend you try this shilajit, ive tried others and this is the best quality shilajit ive ever had, once you try this youll never try anything else. Simply amazing shilajit!

terry jackson
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wonderful makes you feel so much younger. energy not felt in years.Read review on Amazon.

Amazon Customer
amazon customer

Just had a little the other night at bedtime, just to get my first reaction to the Shilajit, with hot tea to relax me, but relaxing was not the case with Shilajit, I felt it flowing all through my veins, a complete rejuvenated feeling, I could tell it was doing things in my body that was long overdue, I just laid there and enjoyed the rush of energy, from just a small rice size can work wonders, thanks. Read review on Amazon.

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This is the best Shilajit that I have found. You do have to plan 2 to 4 weeks ahead because of the shipping time but the difference is worth it. Excellent customer service too. It does give immediate results for me when I take it. Read review on Amazon.

Lance T. T.
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Packed perfectly! You can see it how it was presented to you from the mail. As pure as can be. Read full review on Amazon.

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This stuff is amazing! Well worth the money. 1st shipment took a month in a half to receive, the following shipments came in less than 2 weeks. Advice… make your orders accordingly so you don’t run out! Read full review on Amazon.

Dalton Boggan
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I haven’t used this product for long but I feel more productive thought flow and less racy anxiousness. I would recommend to those on the path to spiritual restoration. Great quality product and actually smells wonderful and ‘minerally” compared to other brands that smell like poop too much. Read full review on Amazon.

Zain Magsi
amazon customer

What a rock solid product. I had some personally harvested for me during my stay in Pakistan. and it was as pure as pure gets. and so is this Shilajit now that I am state side again. Its not a game changer, its a life changer! In a short time of regular intake and dosage correction depending on your unique chemistry you will see and feel significant improvements in all aspects of your bodily functions especially cognitive, strength and bright hair and skin. Take gaia ashwagandha, and raw unfiltered hone with it in warm water for superb results! Read full review on Amazon.

Robert Frost
amazon customer

After consuming a dose, dissolved in warm water, I feel invigorated with more energy. My body feels like it has received something which it has been starving for. This SHILAJIT is quite profound, I will order more. Also, you might want to take this soon after you wake up. If you take this later in your waking hours you may have trouble sleeping. I have started to dissolve a dose in my morning coffee; the taste is quite earthy so I counter the taste with some sugar. If you do buy this, here is some more advice: Read full review on Amazon.